You Poor Thing is a film which explores the idea of human empathy through the perspective of those in the most dire of circumstances. This film follows an animal care worker at the only free pet clinic in Cape Town’s second largest township, Khayelitsha.

Khayelitsha has grown in reputation as one of South Africa’s largest and impoverished townships, with the second highest crime rate in Cape Town, and up to 70% of residencies still without running water. Though statistics and numbers are shocking, it is important not to forget that they are representative of people’s lives. 

You Poor Thing attempts to show the struggles of poverty, but also to celebrate the strength and perseverance it takes to live and survive in such an environment. By portraying their love and dedication towards animals, this film aims to humanize those who are so often portrayed as helpless victims, by revealing the empathy that they have for animals and the sacrifices that they make for them.

Shot in the summer of 2014, You Poor Thing was a One World Media funded film.  This film was also selected and featured as part of the One World Media student film festival.